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Year 5

In Year 5, we had a Road Safety Education session. We has a Road safety presentation, which included some informative and useful video clips. After that, we put what we had learnt about the Green Cross Code into practice. Louise provided us with lots of information and things to think about to ensure we keep ourselves safe. We wanted to spread the message of Road safety so spent the afternoon creating our own posters and leaflets to help others.

Charles Darwin sketches

During Art, we have been really concentrating on detail to ensure our sketches look realistic like the sketches of naturalist, Charles Darwin. Over just a few weeks, year 5 have really improved and they are feeling much more confident with their abilities after watching a video about Austin's butterfly. They took inspiration from Austin, who aged 6, made 6 attempts at drawing a scientific sketch of a butterfly before finally producing the most wonderful picture. You can see from the selection here that we seem to have our very own Charles Darwin's in our class.
As part of our Science topic this half term, we have been learning about reproduction in plants. We have learnt that not all plants need two parent plants to reproduce and that plants can reproduce asexually. When a plant can reproduce on it's own, it creates a plant that is genetically identical to itself. They are clones. We decided we wanted to see if we were able to clone our own plants, so set up an investigation. We will keep you posted about our progress.

Beast Creator topic launch

Beast Creator topic launch 1
Beast Creator topic launch 2
Beast Creator topic launch 3
Beast Creator topic launch 4
Beast Creator topic launch 5
Beast Creator topic launch 6
Beast Creator topic launch 7
To begin our topic we went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We used different equipment in our search for living things in our local environment. The class enjoyed taking their learning outside and were very successful at finding Mrs Boughton's least favourite creature...SPIDERS!