Water Lane Primary Academy

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Summer 2

Gunpowder Mills Trip


Year 5 had a great time being out on a trip. We learnt a lot of new facts about the Victorian times. Why don't you ask us something we learnt? (most will probably tell you something about bat poo!)


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Leaving Party

After spending most of the year with Year 5, Miss Hawthorne has now officially qualified as a teacher. As a little treat, she organised a little party to say thank you to the class for being so wonderful during her training. 

Irreversible Changes

In Science, we explored irreversible chemical changes. Chemical changes involve reactants and products. The reactants are the materials that you start off with, before the chemical change happens. The products are the materials that are formed in the chemical change.  We mixed bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together, which created carbon dioxide. We also mixed warm milk and vinegar together to create casein plastic.

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Road Safety Morning

Year 5 participated in a Road Safety Awareness morning. 

"The aims of the Yr 5 Road Safety activity is to cover independent journeys amongst older primary children (yr5); by highlighting the risk to their age group and ways to reduce their risks. Included in this will be the Green Cross code and all points from the DFT Road Safety Campaign: Education Resources Review Findings, 3 August 2016"

Attendance Reward

Year 5 made it to the second reward on the attendance game board. They spent some of the afternoon playing various games. It was lovely seeing them having so much fun and playing so nicely with each other.

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Science- Separating Materials

We have been recapping some of our previous Science topics. The class explored different ways of separating different materials and considered why some methods weren't suitable for particular mixes of materials. This lesson was made even better by the weather, which meant we were able to take the learning outside!