Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Year 2

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Mod-Roc Ant Sculptures

Using newspaper and masking tape we investigated techniques to use to create our own ant sculptures. We then used mod-roc and water to give our ants a body and pipecleaners for legs.

world book day


As a school we were fortunate enough to be visited by Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service for a special assembly.

human bee-bots

Using our programming skills we had to give clear and succinct instructions to each other to follow a route across the carpet to get to the correct mini-beast. We had to use instructions such as left/right, forward/backward, clockwise/anti-clockwise and quarter/half/whole turn.
As part of our Science Topic (Habitats) and our Foundation Topic (Wriggle and Crawl) we went outside to explore and discover which different micro-habitats and mini-beasts we have in the school grounds.


PDSA Assembly

A vet from the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) came into school to give a special assembly to the school and workshop to KS1. We learnt all about the responsibilities you have when looking after a pet.

Water lane primary academy collage

Using our techniques of cutting, scrunching and ripping different resources we each had a triangle to collage which when positioned correctly created our school logo.
We showed our collage in our class assembly to the school and parents. We thoroughly enjoyed showing and sharing all of our work with you!

Muck, mess and mixtures

Fruit salad making

In our Design Technology lessons we have designed our own fruit salad and packaging. We then spent the morning making our fruit salad in our new DT kitchen before enjoying eat them.  

Cornstarch Experiment

Using cornstarch and water we made a non-newtonian mixture. This is a mixture which can be both solid and liquid depending on how it is handled.
Our engaging experience was a morning create mess using all different mixtures and substances. We used our senses (apart from taste) to describe our experience.

Skittles Experiment

Using Skittles in groups we experimented using water to create different patterns by placing the skittles around the edge of a plate. To begin we made predictions about what we expected to happen, then we had to observe the changes which and then draw a conclusion. 

Gripping Yarns

We were lucky enough to be visited by The Gripping Yarns Production Company who told us a story all about how to be a good friend.

Towers, turrets and tunnels


We all thoroughly enjoyed our Halloween dress up day and school disco!
Using card we built our own castles with winding drawbridges, levers and pop up characters.

Paul Klee Inspired Art work

We have been exploring the work of Paul Klee, focusing on his work'Castle and Sun'. Using this piece as inspiration we created our own pieces for castles we had designed using oil pastels. We focused on using bold block colours and 2D shapes to create our art work.

Catapult Investigation

We conducted an investigation to see which material would be best used in a catapult to destroy a castle. First we built our castle walls then using different materials (Paper, Card, Brick, Rock, Plastic) we took turns to try and destroy the walls and breach the castle.

Castle Building Homework

Our Summer homework project was to create our own castles. Can you spot any towers, tunnels or turrets?