Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Autumn 2

In music we have listened to our new song Ho, Ho, Ho. The children were very excited by this song as it is all about Christmas. We learnt some techniques on how we can prepare our body, face and voice for singing.


In DT we began to look at towers and discussed what a tower was and what their purpose is. We then tried making towers using found objects. We discovered to create a tall and stable tower we needed to use a hard smooth surface such as the flooring the classroom. We also discovered that the tower needs to be stronger outside because of the wind and weather.

In English we have been learning to write a set of instructions. We done an experiment involving skittles and then used this to write our own instructions. We are ensuring we layot our instructions correctly as well as including adverbs, imperative verbs, expanded noun phrases and time openers.