Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Summer 1 - Urban Pioneers

Science - How a mirror works

In Science we have been looking at light and how it travels. We used mirrors above our heads to try and walk backwards along the lines. We found it difficult at first because the reflection was the opposite. 

Art - Graffiti writing

Our topic this half term has been about Urban Pioneers. We have looked at and been inspired by the work of Bristol graffiti artist, Banksy. After looking at his work, we used an online website to choose our own graffiti font to create our name. We then spent time sketching the design ourselves, before enlarging onto A3 paper. Banky's graffiti work is very bold and colourful because he is normally voicing his opinions about world issues. We used a variety of different coloured paints for our graffiti and even mixed colours effectively to create new colours. After our graffiti had dried, we used black marker pens to go around the edges. This gave our writing a more 3D effect. Every design is unique and represents us as an individual.