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Children should only be having supervised access to the internet at home. We are committed to protecting our pupils online and so we are working with National Online Safety - providing resources for all parents and carers. More and more children have access to computers, phones and tablets so please use this excellent resource to keep your children safe.


Please click here to create a free account to gain access to a range of online video resources and weekly guides. You can also access National Online Safety online via any device- including via their brand-new smartphone app. To download on iPhone click here and for Android click here.

Alternatively, search for ‘National Online Safety’ in the App Store/Google Play Store.

Social Media


We understand that online safety and social media can be daunting for parents, so we have attached some flyers below which you may find helpful. They give great advice which you can share with your children, so that they know how to keep themselves safe online too.

A small reminder that TikTok has an age restriction of 13+ as some of the content that is shown is not suitable to children younger than this. Snapchat has an age restriction of 13+ and WhatsApp 16+.

If you have any concerns or questions over online safety or social media usage, please do contact the school so we can offer support.




Useful links and further information about E-safety