Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Autumn 1

Take One Author Week: Anthony Browne- Voices in the Park

Year 5 have had excellent focus during our Art lessons. They have shown great resilience and determination to produce a piece of art to the best of their ability by reflecting on their work and making improvements. 

Week 2 Highlights

This week, Year 5 have shown a great ability of working as a team for various tasks. In English, we have been considering the structure of stories and we have used drama to explore characters and setting. We had an interactive RE lesson where we went hunting in pairs to find clues about our religion of the term which is Sikhism. Science was really exciting as we dissected flowers and looked more closely at the parts using the microscopes. On Wednesday, it was our first music session with an outside agency. We were taught about warming up our voices and started to learn 'Puff the Magic Dragon'.