Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Year 1



Everyone enjoyed a day at the beach! We had our picnic and spent the day building sandcastles and paddling in the sea.


Sand Art

Using different coloured sand we created our own Splendid Skies art work depicting the different types of weather we have been looking at in each season.

Rainbow sowing

We were lucky enough to have some parents come in to help us create these amazing rainbow cushions.

Model Aeroplanes

Using kits we made our own model aeroplanes and had a flying competition to see whose plane would fly the furthest.

Model Aeroplanes

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Easter Homework Projects

Our homework project was to create dioramas of all the 'SPLENDID' things we can see in the sky. As you can see from the childrens work each child has created something different using different techniques and materials. Some have focused on animals we see in the sky, varying weather features, different ways to travel and even further out to space.



After discovering the Great Fire of London started from a bakery used to make bread we decided to make some sandwiches. We used our English lessons to write out the instructions we would need to follow. Everyone had to make sure they included their imperative verbs otherwise our sandwiches wouldn't be very tasty.

Environment Day

As an alternative we went GREEN for RED Nose Day. Year 1 and Year 2 joined together to research and learn about the Blue Whale. This included its features and the reasons why it is endangered.

Growing Seeds

In our science lessons we have been learning how to identify and name different trees and plants. We have also been learning about the different parts of a flower and what they need to grow. We planted and looked after our own Mustard Seeds to watch them germinate and grow.

Building London Landmarks

As our topic this half-term in Bright Lights Big City which focuses on London we started by looking at some of the famous landmarks in the city and recreated them using Mobilo, Lego and Multi-link. 


World of Dinosaurs

Making Dinosaur Music

Using percussion instruments we made pieces of music to imitate the characteristics of the different dinosaurs we have learnt about. For example fast and loud for a Tyrannasaurus Rex on a hunt and slow and peaceful for a Brachiosaurus grazing.


We took a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne to see and learn more about the animals we have been studying in our Science lessons. We were challenged to find a mammal, bird, fish, reptile and amphibian.


Our second topic of Year 1 is SUPERHEROES!

We will be learning about the incredible powers and skills they possess and how everyday superheroes will come and rescue us if we need help. 

Dress-Up Day

Diwali lamps

In our RE we have been looking at people who are important to us and people who are important in different religions. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita and how they followed lamps to find their way home. This is know known as the festival 'Diwali'. In our art lessons we have been creating our own rangoli patterns and have painted them on to clay lamps we have designed and made.

The Enchanted Woodland

Our first topic of Year 1 is all about The Enchanted Woodland! Learning about the animals and plants which live and grow there and the mythical creatures and beings we might discover.

Planting acorns like Percy the Park Keeper

In our English lessons we have been listening, reading and writing about Percy the Park Keepers adventures. He has inspired us to plant our own acorns in the hopes they will also grow in to mighty Oak trees.

Clay Diwali Lamps

In our RE lessons we have been looking at people who are important to us and people who are important in different religions. Whilst learning about Hinduism and the story of Rama and Sita, Year 1 have made their own lamps to celebrate Diwali.