Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Autumn 2 - Gods and Mortals

History - Life in Ancient Greece

In our topic groups, we used a selection of topic books, internet articles and an interactive online game to gather information about rich and poor families during Ancient Greek time. We then presented this information on to sugar paper to describe the difference between the rich and the poor.

Christmas Concert and Jumper Day

Throughout the term we had been learning and practising our Christmas carols to perform to our friends and family. We spoke about the importance of pronouncing the words within the song clearly, to sing in tune and to sing with accurate pitch. At the end of term, we performed singing from memory and showing control of our voices.

DT - Ancient Greek Swords, Shields and Crowns

In DT we have been looking at ancient Greek swords, shields and crowns. We discussed the details and patterns, before we designed our own. Then, using a range of materials, we created our own ancient Greek items using a range of cutting and sticking techniques. 

We had a special ancient Greek day, where we came in dressed up as ancient Greek warriors, gods and goddesses. Throughout the day we took part in lots of ancient Greek activities. Firstly, we learnt want the wreath symbolised in ancient Greek times and created our own wreaths. Then we looked at the Greek alphabet and discussed the similarities and the difference to the alphabet we use. Using the Greek alphabet, we wrote our names in Greek using chalk. Later on in the day we watched some videos of Greek dancing and listened to some Greek music. We finished our day by preparing and trying a traditional Greek salad along with pita bread, hummus and tzatziki. We then also had a special treat of Greek yogurt and honey with grapes. Lots of children got to try foods and experiences that were new to them and overall the day was an exciting experience.