Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

11 Before 11

Education stretches beyond the classroom and here at Water Lane Primary Academy we want our children to have experiences beyond the ordinary, to push what they believed they could do, to develop skills and attitudes to benefit their lives for many years to come and to become the extraordinary.


As a staff we aspire to build and encourage leadership, integrity, enjoyment, learning, inclusion, inspiration and responsibility in every child we have the pleasure to meet. Through 11 Before 11 we promise to deliver an education beyond the ordinary, beyond the class based curriculum and the confines of the indoors to inspire our children to take that leap of faith and venture into the unknown in order to become the extraordinary. 


We commit to providing every child with 11 adventures beyond the ordinary from the time they join us in Reception through to the time they leave us in Year 6.

11 Before 11 - REAch2 Academy Trust