Water Lane Primary Academy

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No Outsiders

As a school it is our intent to adopt the 'No Outsiders' ethos in all aspects of life; with our children, in communication with parents and in our wider Water Lane community. We are hopeful that this ethos will be, and has already begun to be, integrated with our own values. By embracing these principles, our school will become a safer place for all, where no child or member of our community will be treated as an outsider.


Water Lane Primary Academy is a place of belonging and inclusion.


What is 'No Outsiders'?

The No Outsider's vision is for inclusive education, promoting community cohesion to prepare young people and adults for life as global citizens.

Here is a short video explaining more from the No Outsiders founder, Andrew Moffat.

As a school, we are incorporating the No Outsiders lesson plans and book suggestions into our own PSHE lessons. The intentions of this are to allow the children in our school to access this ethos alongside their personal, social and emotional developments. This will allow them to understand themselves, their community and the wider world on a much broader scale and prepare them for the unknowns that may befall them in later life.

Our children become empowered by their own sense of identity and individuality. They will be able to listen to and understand the views and beliefs of others, building positive relationships with all despite their differences. As an inclusive school, our teachers are confident to tackle and explore difficult situations, using positive language to create a sense of belonging for all.