Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Project Theme Park

This project is intended for Year 6 children but we think you are up to the challenge (and may just enjoy it!). It consists of 6 set lessons but may take longer. If you choose to complete this project, you will:


  • develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • make decisions and choices
  • strengthen your ability to work collaboratively within a team (if you choose to to recruit/seek support from family member)
  • use a range of mathematical and literacy skills
  • have fun!


There is no expectation that you complete all of this on top of the usual weekly activities that are provided. As this project involves a variety of key, important skills, you may choose to use this in place of some of the other activities. 


 Please keep us updated on Class Dojo with your progress.


Good Luck!