Water Lane Primary Academy

"Enrichment for life"

Spring 1 - Predators

As part of our topic, predators, we visited Paradise wildlife park where we were able to see different predators in their habitats. Before leaving we discussed that the enclosures would be a replica of what their habitat may be like in the wild. We saw animals such as meerkat’s, penguins and monkeys as well as lions, tigers and cheetahs. We were very lucky to witness the cheetah being fed and even got to ask the keeper of the cheetah some questions. After our lunch we walked through the interactive dinosaurs and as a class decided whether each one was a carnivore, omnivore or an herbivore, based on their diet. Afterwards we used paint brushes and spades to uncover the skeleton of a dinosaur. As a class we found the dinosaur’s spine, which meant the dinosaur was a vertebrate and would have had an endoskeleton.

Art - Predator Collages

In art we studied and sketched different predators. Then as a class we discussed what collage meant and looked at different materials. WE discussed and identified what materials would be good for different parts of animals, justifying our reasoning. Then in groups we created large collages of predators which required us to work together and communicate as a team. 

Science - Human skeleton

In science today we looked at the human skeleton. Firstly, we discussed that humans have an endoskeleton because our skeletons are inside our body and also we have a spine, known as a vertebrate. Using the outline of a body, we worked as a class to identify where each part of the skeleton went. After we had stuck all the bones on, we noticed that all bones are joined together. We then had to label each part of the skeleton with their common name but also we learnt the scientific name for each bone as well. Our labelled skeleton is now on display in our classroom.

History - Dinosaur timeline

In history, we looked at the dinosaur timeline and how it changed through the different periods. The children then gave information that they had learnt and we created a timeline of events that we displayed in our class. 

PSHE - Fire safety

We had a special visitor, visit us today to talk about home safety. We discussed lots of very important scenarios and how we can keep safe at home, including fire alarms, how to use extension leads properly and also where is best to place electronic devices when on charge. We watched videos, where we identified what had gone wrong and discussed what the people should have done instead.