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Ongoing Learning

These resources can either be downloaded and printed at home to be completed or your child can read the work/activities from the screen and complete their work and answers on paper.


If you have any issues accessing these activities or you would like more of the same or something different please do not hesitate to message me on Class Dojo and I will do my best to get you what you need :)


Miss Kent

These are the methods your child has been learning to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.
These are examples of arithmetic questions your child is expected to be able to answer by the end of Key Stage 1/Year 2.
These pages have a selection of questions which cover all of the different strands of maths covered in Year 2.

Maths Activity Mats

These are differentiated (aimed at different abilities) maths activities covering different strands of maths for Year 2 children. 
These papers have questions covering all the different spelling, punctuation and grammar expectations for Year 2 children.
If your child needs to focus on their handwriting these can be used to show the expectations for handwriting and correct letter formation. 

Reading Comprehension

These reading comprehensions can help improve your childs fluency when reading as they are texts specifically written for Year 2 children and have questions of varying styles and format to check their comprehension.
If your child is still struggling with their phonics or are needing to retake their phonics screening these workbooks have examples of activities they can use to practice their sounds, blending and segmenting.
These workbooks can be used by any of the children to improve their reading and writing of tricky words to improve their spelling and reading fluency.