Water Lane Primary Academy

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Autumn 1 - Heroes and Villians

Science - Forces and Magnets

In Science we have been looking at different forces and magnets. We explored our learning environment to see what forces we could discover. We spoke about friction and gravity as well as testing different magnets for their strength and their magnetic field.

Music and Superhero day

In music we discussed how hero and villain music uses different instruments to create different affects. We then used a range of instruments to create a repeated pattern and produce a sound piece for a hero and a villain. We then split into two groups with one group playing the hero sounds and the other group playing the villain sounds to create an abstract piece of music.
In music we have been focusing on the song ‘Cruella Di Vil’, which is from the film 101 Dalmatians, our key text for this term. First we listened to the song and looked at the lyrics. We discussed words that we were unsure of and looked up meanings in the dictionaries. We also discussed what the lyrics were saying about Cruella De Vil. Then in small groups we created actions to accompany the lyrics and performed to the class.

English - Playscripts

In English today we started a new genre of writing called dialogue. As a class we discussed what the word dialogue meant and how it is a conversation between two or more people in a story, film or play. We then discussed what a play script may be and when we may use them. After we established what a play script was we discussed what we may expect to see on a play script. Afterwards we looked at a play script and discussed that although it is dialogue, there doesn’t need to be speech marks in a play script. We also discussed how stage directions and actions are in brackets and these should not be said out loud but should be followed. After our discussion, we got into groups of 4 and went outside to act out the different scenes. We then performed a scene to the class following the stage directions and adverbs to guide our performance.

English - Hot seating

In English today we were visited by the villain from 101 Dalmatians, Cruella De Vil. We had prepared questions to ask her in preparation for us writing a biography on her. When she arrived we asked her our questions and wrote notes on our whiteboard.

DT - Sock Puppets

In Design and Technology, we designed our own sock puppets based on the hero Pongo or villain Cruella De Vil from the story 101 Dalmatians. After we designed our sock puppet, we collected appropriate materials to create our sock puppets. Then, using a needle and cotton, we stitched on the materials to create our very own sock puppet.

Art - Clay busts

In art we used clay to create a clay bust of Emmeline Pankhurst; one of the suffragettes. We firstly sketched a portrait of her. Then using clay we created the sculpture, using our hands, tools and water to create the detail.


In art we listened to music for heroes and villains. We used a selection of lines, shapes and curves, varying in different lengths and heights to create a piece of artwork that represented our feelings in relation to the music. We then used colours to distinguish between the hero music and the villain music. Using annotations, we elaborated on our ideas to explain our ideas and feelings at the point of drawing specific lines. Every piece of art work that we have created is different from each other and is an individual representation of our feelings.