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Year 5 Otters

Picture 1
Mr Speechly is leaving the school forever in less than 4 weeks. He is clearly upset to be leaving!
Picture 1 Megan with a lovely Autumn Leaf
Picture 2 Students practicing their Tudor song
Picture 3 Henry VIII suitably impressed
Picture 4 Henry's court helpers
Picture 5 Otters standing in front of Elizabeth's manor
In Autumn 2, the Year 5 Otters went on a role-play trip to Hatfield House, in order to have an audience with Henry VIII in person. They had to learn a traditional Tudor Song - "The Hunt is Up" (please ask them to sing this for you). They performed this song to Henry and were, thankfully, not beheaded!! We were able to explore the grounds of the manor Elizabeth I lived in, and all students returned back to school suitably exhausted!
Picture 1 Students hunting for minibeasts
Picture 2 Lea Valley Park
Picture 3 Demonstrating how to shake minibeasts from a tree
Picture 4 Mr Speechly's best friend
Picture 1 Two girls found a baby frog under a rock

In Autumn 1, Year 5 went on a trip to Lea Valley, in an attempt to locate and identify Minibeasts within their natural habitats.

Additionally, we had a competition through the woods, using maps and compasses in order to find Orienteering targets. Mr Speechly's group (The Golden Jets) were victorious, however all groups performed very commendably.